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Local Rockstars

Josephine & Gary Robinson

Josephine & Gary Robinson opened Goody's restaurant back in 1989 on the corner of Beach 72nd st and Amstel Blvd in Arverne/Rockaway, NY.

Gary says he is "just the muscle" and Josephine is "the brains" behind the business. The couple are a great team who are always present behind the scenes with their daughter Jean.

The two decided to open Goody's to share their love of "good food".

They were drawn to the Rockaways because of the diversity of the community. "We are right in the middle of the Rockaway Peninsula at Beach 72nd st, where the east and west ends meet and there is a rich mix of cultures right in the heart of Rockaway", said Josephine. 

In 2012, Storm Sandy destroyed the restaurant but with help from family and friends, they got back up and running in no time.

Today Goody's is one of the "top picks" amongst locals for some of the best food in Rockaway.

Josephine, Gary, and daughter Jean have made Goody's a popular Rockaway destination. In honor of their dedication and support of the Rockaway community, they have been selected as our "ROCKSTARS" for the month.

Check out their "Rockaway picks" for favorite pastimes and places to go in the Rockaway Peninsula. 


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